Ruben Fasani

Ruben Fasani
Ruben Fasani
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Ceramic Arts Master Glass mosiac sculptures

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Born December 22, 1960. Study at the National School of Ceramics, graduating from the National Technical Ceramic Arts. He has made funtional objects in ceramics, were made with potter's wheel. He has investigated in traditional Japanese glazes in stoneware and porcelain. Then he began to work in sculpture and installations working on series such as "Cars," "Ships," "Erotica". In the mid-nineties began his research in fussing glass and lost wax process. He works with recycled glass. He has discovered a strange pleasure to use industrial waste and transform them into an artistic creation. The "silent multitude."consists of hundreds of people representing different situations of human agglomerations where the artist want to reflect on them. With the series "Naves" that carried out both in glass and ceramics suggests a particular view about the comings and goings of people and goods around the world. He has won several national and international awards in 2000 becoming the Grand Prize of Honor President of Argentina in the National Ceramic Exhibition. Some of his works are in private collections and others are exhibited in international museums.

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