How can i create a great dinner event?

Make a Plan. Execute. Repeat. They’re the ones who come up with the right strategy, and turn that into a detailed plan of action, and most importantly, they execute that plan. It sounds simple and obvious and easy. Yes it’s simple and fairly obvious. But it aint easy. Not when you’re bootstrapping and handling most of the work yourself.

Margret Smith

Here are three things I’m doing differently this year, that are helping me be better at planning and executing:

Margret Smith

For me, I’m 100x more productive during my 2-hour pre-breakfast work session. My mind is the clearest it is all day (no coffee required! that comes later…). Plus, there are no distractions (until the dog needs to do his morning business).

Margret Smith

Here is a video about Relaxation

Margret Smith
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