How can I get a Job in London (UK)?

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Have you joined the large Agencies such as Reed or Adecco. ?

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I had trouble like yours until I paid a few quid to get my CV reviewed by a knowledgeable professional. Then I rewrote the CV according to their advice, and the interviews started happening, and I've not been out of work since (unless I wanted to be).


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cool omar

If you are looking for jobs in the UK for foreigners, it is best to do your research first on which sectors have the most job openings. The top sectors for expats include computer programming, consultancy and the financial sector. The UK Home Office publishes a list each year of jobs in the UK for foreigners. As of April 2013, the main job openings include positions for software developers, social workers, skilled chefs and many different types of engineers. Please refer to the National Shortage Occupation List for additional information. A study has shown that associate professional occupations like IT technicians and investment analysts are also among the open jobs in the UK for foreigners.

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