FAQ For Businesses

About Business Accounts

What Is A Business Page?

Select2gether business pages make it easy for businesses to engage with our community. If you’re an established service provider, supplier, consultant, brand, small business, travel agent, non-profit organization, blogger or publication, you can join Select2gether as a business.

Why do I Need A Business Page?

To connect with customers, prospects and potential partners. If you would like to connect with them live, drive traffic to a blog that makes you some money or build your personal brand to find customers for your products or services, you should sign up for a business account and agree to our Business Terms of Service.

Are Business Account Registrations Free?


How Are Business Pages Different Than Personal Pages?

You can create offers with prices and availability calendars. You can offer consultation online so people can find you and pay to get a advice from you. You can create sessions about your business and combine them to your business accounts.

Currently, business accounts and personal accounts have access to the same features. If you create a business account, you'll provide more powerful ways of reaching and understanding your audience on Select2gether. A business page contains your personal sessions to help people and customers communicate directly.

How Do People Find My Business Page?

Visitors of select2gether will be able to find your business account if they search for you using our Search bar. If someone searches for your business, and you have verified your website on your business account, then the search result for your profile will display a verified checkmark. Finally, you can always share your business’s profile link, e.g., "b.select2gether.com/your-company"

How To Get Started

How Do I Create A Profile?

To sign up for Select2gether, go to www.Select2gether.com and fill the quick registration form at the top of the page and press "Register". It's free and easy! You can register via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, Windows Live or an e-mail address.

How Do I Create A Business Account?

Go to Select2gether for business page. To sign up as a business: http://www2.select2gether.com/supplier/

1. Click on "Join for Free"
2. Fill in the publicly displayed information, such as company name, contact details, your business's logo, your website. Don’t forget to include additional details about your company so we can approve your registration.
3. Read through and accept our Business Terms of Service and click Save.

How To Create An Offer

How Do I Create An Offer?

When you create a business account for your company, you can create an offer by clicking on the button, "Add New Product". Add your product or consultation rates and offers by filling the form. Use the calendar tool to select the dates and times when your product in available. Save your data. Now you can view the new offer on your Product Page.

How Do I Edit An Offer?

Go to the business home page and press button "Edit product".

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