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Make a Plan. Execute. Repeat

by Margret Smith

They’re the ones who come up with the right strategy, and turn that into a detailed plan of action, and most importantly, they execute that plan.

It sounds simple and obvious and easy. Yes it’s simple and fairly obvious. But it aint easy. Not when you’re bootstrapping and handling most of the work yourself.

  1. Make a Plan. Execute. Repeat.

2. Time Management & Waking Up Earlier

by Margret Smith

  1. Making a Plan & Sticking To It

I have devised a system of 3 different to-do lists that I use to map out my plans, prioritize, and execute. Here they are:

Monthly Goals –The goals I set each month will dictate what I choose to spend my time on each day.

Someday List – Throw em onto that “Someday” list.

Today List – For this I use Clear. I fill this list up with 3-5 things (not more than 5!) that are up next. I’m working on these things today, tomorrow, maybe the next day. But they’ll definitely be done before the weekend. No excuses. I use my monthly goals to inform what I place on this list.

Repeat Task

by Margret Smith

The key is to systemize all of the things that I do, and really focus on those things that I must stop doing myself — those repetitive tasks and operations.


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