How to add a Group

Group network

Add and Define Needs/Skills & Task List

example Marketing, Software Eng, Researcher… Add tasks with tags Example: (icon Task/ Todo) Sending emails (Icon Calendar) Next week (icon skills) Email Manager (invitation) (icon Contact Name) Iren Icon Tags like video conerencing to start when to people are online or it will be area where can i add video as in live video confrencing! like that i have an area where to work with a group of people!!! also when i ask question in the future and need an expert i can use to work with expert parameters Profile connection (on other part of the app) What do people get as an invite? Use SLACK example Is this a closed or open group Join added to skill or position (see her task) Create a profile also TODO: send example of SLACK MEI Group Invite new users to team Features: Idea board with needs & requests could this be a “brainstorm” tree? Task list with assignments Team List Showing connections (i.e. when & where they met tags and who made the connect between team members) Chat window Customize Project Space Ex. Pin ideas Idea board (people can add to the right-hand side and drop onto the board) Additions website, ADD image, ADD concept, ADD videos, ADD audio clips audio message INVITE PEOPLE

How We Need Experts

  • Experts submit a written application.
  • We validate Experts' work history.
  • We screen for specific qualities including communication skills and level of knowledge about industries and careers.