Become an Online Expert!

Online expert, on-demand

Chapter 1 - Join Panotip

Join PANOTIP Experts today to engage with thousands of new clients via online chat, phone or email. Working from home as a freelance expert on PANOTIP Experts allows you the freedom to consult with people on your own time, project by project, and at your own pace. And the best part is, through PANOTIP Experts, it's easy to make money as an expert! PANOTIP Experts's reliable, highly reputed platform provides an excellent way to acquire new clients, reach a wide range people looking for your expertise, and connect with them in a way that's flexible, innovative, and most of all works with your schedule. You'll make money by putting your knowledge to work online on PANOTIP Experts's highly trafficked site, where thousands of people can see your skills every day. After you sign up, all you have to do is make yourself available online with PANOTIP 's Expert Messenger, then sit back and wait for people who need assistance to come to you. PANOTIP Experts does all the marketing and drives traffic to your online profile

Chapter 2 - Add your Profile and Skills

When you sign up as an Expert, you'll be asked to create an online profile where you list your qualifications, education, specialties and any other information you'd like clients looking for help to know about you.

Chapter 3 - How to Connect with users

. You'll indicate how you want to connect (chat, voice, email, or all of the above) and upload a photo so clients can get to know you. Then your profile will appear in the list of available Experts, and people can search for you by your specialty or keyword. The more you're online, the more clients will find you!

Chapter 4 - Be available Online

Connect with people who need your education and tutoring skills via instant chat, email, or using PANOTIP Experts Voice Connect feature. Set your own fees and accept freelance work at your own discretion. Earn high ratings from clients and help them succeed while you do the same!

Margret Smith

    Palo Alto California

    $1 per hour

    How We Need Experts

    • Experts submit a written application.
    • We validate Experts' work history.
    • We screen for specific qualities including communication skills and level of knowledge about industries and careers.