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Grow your own fruit

You too can grow fruits and vegetables in your backyard! Each month, come to Grow Your Own Food, where guest instructor Carey will teach you exactly what you can be doing to ensure you have a healthy and bountiful garden. This month will focus on: - warm weather crops - plants that attract beneficial insects - watering needs of your spring garden We will also tour the GFE garden to see what is growing in May. This class is great for new veggie growers and seasoned gardeners alike. Bring your questions and get advice from our garden expert. Join us every month for tips on what to do in your vegetable garden!

Margret Smith

    Palo Alto California

    $1 per hour

    How We Need Experts

    • Experts submit a written application.
    • We validate Experts' work history.
    • We screen for specific qualities including communication skills and level of knowledge about industries and careers.