Panoventures is proud to be supported by some of the most influential entrepreneurs and leaders in the Silicon Valley startup community. Join our team of mentors to offer strategic guidance to start-up teams from around the world. You'll work hands-on with Founders as they transform business ideas into profitable companies.

Who Are We and What Do We Do?
Panoventures is an online accelerator from Silicon Valley. We fuel entrepreneurs and startups with supportive ecosystems to help them find an optimal business model, create a path to scalable revenue, and connect with the right customers and investors. Panoventures mentors support startups in their paths to growth and scalability. Our AI-driven platform offers unique and impactful data that Panoventures mentors can use to guide startup Founders. Our online program works on a cohort model similar to the leading Silicon Valley accelerators. Out of more than 1,000 applications in our pipeline, we select 80 startups for each cohort, and guide them through a 3 to 6 month online program. Panoventures' global team of mentors includes successful tech company founders, serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and business practice experts. Mentors are matched with startup founders to optimize synergy between the startup needs and each mentor's skill set.

Mentor Expectations
We truly appreciate your support and commitment as a mentor for Panoventures. Panoventures mentors:
The Mentor Code of Conduct
Panoventures core values include commitment to our startups, a focus on positive impact, and treating others as we would like to be treated. The Panoventures Accelerator Mentor Code of Conduct empowers our mentors to bring these values to life as they work with our startups. We expect our mentors to follow this Code of Conduct in every interaction related to the Panoventures Accelerator Mentor Program.

Commit to Growth:
As a Panoventures Mentor I hereby commit to help the selected startups build and grow their businesses and build profitable and successful companies.

Founders Needs First:
As a Panoventures Mentor I will always put the founders' needs first. My primary aim is to advise the Panoventures startups; provide support as they make decisions that lead to growth and to help them make connections.

Confidential Information:
In my role as a Panoventures Mentor I will treat all information I receive, whether from the startups or from the Panoventures management team, confidentially. If I should I feel there is a business purpose for sharing this externally, I will ask for permission before doing so.

Be Nice:
Panoventures adheres to a'no douchebag' policy, and we do not accept harassment of any kind. Mentors do not engage in inappropriate physical contact, verbal abuse directed towards one's gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ethnicity, background or religion, or deliberate intimidation. If anything makes you uncomfortable in your role as a mentor for Panoventures, let our management team know, and we'll take it from there. You are a highly valued Mentor for Panoventures Accelerator and we trust you to adhere to this Code. Panoventures partners only with trustworthy people, and we rely on our mentors' good judgment to uphold a high standard of integrity. Failure to do so can result in termination of the role as a Mentor for Panoventures Accelerator. Thank you for being part of building the world we all want to live in!