Startup Accelerator Form

Think you have what it takes to be an Accelerator STARTUP?

Whether you are one step away from taking your product to market, or an experienced startup looking for executive guidance, our program will match your needs. We strive to create the best technology companies coming out of our Accelerator relevant, revenue generating, and built to scale.

Candidates applying to the Accelerator should be open and receptive to mentoring, and ready to work through milestones with accountability.

Here’s how it works:
1) Complete and submit the application form.
2) We will contact your company if we are interested in an initial meeting.
3) During our meeting, you’ll learn about our program and you can tell us about yourself and your business.
4) We figure out if the Accelerator is the best fit for you.

About Silicon Valley Online Accelerator

Please enter your company name. Enter TBD if you do not have a name yet.
If you have a demo, what’s the url? For non-software, demo can be a video.(Please don’t password protect it; just use an obscure url.)
Your company’s office address. If your company doesn’t have an office, use your home address.
Email address of the founder who is filling out this application:
Founder, CEO, Vice President, etc.
Please provide the email addresses of the other cofounders in the startup. No need to add yours again. Founders must have at least 10% equity in the company. We will send an email to each founder to fill out additional information about themselves.
We are in an elevator for two minutes, give us an impactful summary of your business
How are you solving a problem, how is it different than what is already out there? Do you have intellectual property, unique processes etc?
Do you have secondary, and/or primary research data?
Who do you sell to, and how?
Please specify the number of full-time equivalents. The minimum is 1 (you) even if you are not working on this full time.
Please enter each individual’s name, role, and background; one individual per line. Example: John Doe, CMO, U of Waterloo